Our Response to the Corona Virus 2019 Outbreak

In accord with State of California orders we are closed for business until the state lets us re open again. Currently we anticipate a mid-June reopening but we will keep you posted via text message of our grand reopening when it happens! We have always maintained very stringent spa hygiene and cleanliness standards but we want to recap some of the added measures we will have in place when we reopen.

Spa Hygiene

  • All sheets are changed and we disinfect the surface of the massage tables, after each customer has left the treatment rooms.
  • As always, all robes, towels and slippers are changed after each customer as well.
  • We launder all sheets, towels and robes each night with a disinfectant detergent at high heat.
  • The spa rooms are all cleaned thoroughly every night and deep cleaned every weekend on Sunday night, using disinfectants and UV lamps.

Customer & Therapist Health

  • Our therapists are not allowed to work if sick and we take the temperature of all therapists and employees each day to screen for possible illness.
  • Any therapists who have elevated temperatures or any hint of a cold are told not stay at home and not permitted to work.
  • We make hand sanitizer available at the front counter and insist that our guests use it before they enter and after they leave the treatment rooms.
  • Purely as a precaution all therapists and customers will wear face masks which we will provide, and all massages will be face down only.

Booking & Payment

  • To ensure the health of our customers and therapists, we will not serve anyone who is sick or has an elevated temperature. We will happily reschedule without cancellation or other fees if you need to reschedule.
  • We are asking all customers to book online only, using only our web site appointment system and to prepay by credit card to avoid handling money.
  • We will also not be taking 30-minute massage appointments given the added costs and overhead of treatment room cleaning. Only 60 or 90 min appointments.
  • And finally, we will not be taking walk in customers, all booking must be done online on the Zellify Spa web site.

If you have other suggestions please let us know as well, and please know that we are doing everything to make your time with us very safe and enjoyable. The safety of our customers and therapists is of primary concern as we re open as we are sure you understand. But with these changes and accommodations we can keep everyone safe while giving you the great spa services you have come to know and love.

We really appreciate your business very much, and during this very stressful time we want to continue to offer you a safe haven to unwind and destress.

Anna (Spa Owner)